IC Partner Quality Inspection


Our quality inspection process is an essential part. Reducing risk in the electronic component supply chain while facilitating productivity to increase your bottom line.


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ICP Service
  • Microscopes  with digital cameras

  • Digital cameras and other recording equipment

  • Tape and reel counters

  • Weight scales

  • Magnifying glass 

  • Vacumm packing machine

Incoming Parts

Visual check (label, vacumm & etc)

  • Weighed and checked for damage

  • Taping condition inspected-dented package etc.

  • Original factory sealed vs. non-factory sealed

Visual check (Microscope - Olympus)

Pass Parts

Fail Parts

Vacumm packing 

Result notice to customer

Shipping to customer


​리얼월드코리아 (주)

TEL: 82 2 2267 2697 

FAX: 82 2 2267 2698



경기도 광명시 하안로 60, A-1204호



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